The idea, born from the close collaboration of Wrike and Horsa Plan , a division of Horsa specialized in Project Management. Had the aim of proposing an afternoon of discussion and dialogue. Involving customers and non-customers in an exclusive place. Rich in history and great values : poli distillerie , a well-known local company producing. Grappa and liqueurs since 1898. Wrike, the beating heart of the event, is the collaborative work management solution in the cloud that helps companies manage the entire life cycle of projects and activities.  Stimulating collaboration between the different teams and ensuring complete visibility on the work to be done.

To kick off the event with the right energy

And to best welcome the guests, the welcome coffee Sweden Phone Number List could not be missing, a moment. With sweet notes to “break the ice” and to prepare for the start of the speeches. We continued in the conference room, where, after the welcome speech by  CEO nicola basso, the speakers. Maurizio  Plan Division Manager), Massimo  (Business Development Manager – Plan), Archie Sharma ( Global Vice President, Partnerships, Strategy & – Wrike), Giuseppe  (Senior Account Executive – Wrike), Valerio Nocera (Solution Consulting EMEA & APAC – Wrike) and Riccardo Della Martera (Lead Solution Consultant – Wrike) discussed important themes.

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Italia event It has been widely discussed

Of the approach to change , of the  uncertainty and Dominican Republic Phone Number List complexity linked to today’s reality. In fact, the term VUCA was used to define current events as volatile, uncertain, complex. And ambiguous, but which leads to continuous evolution and sudden changes. Just think of the new hybrid- work method or the digital vortex (the growing attention to digitalisation), or even the use of AI in corporate contexts. Of the importance of user experience (UX) which translates into the ability. To make the user feel at ease when they have to enter and obtain information from a tool.

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