After the success of the edition held last year, the event dedicated to new talents is also back in 2023: from 18 September to 27 October part of the  Way team transformed into teachers and accompanied the kids to get to know the ‘ERP from Microsoft. But what exactly are we talking about? A completely free Talent Academy lasting approximately 6 weeks which allowed many young people to have a training experience.

During this period together

The new recruits learned about the Belgium Phone Number List reality of Horsa , which figures are present in the staff, what they do and what growth paths it is possible to choose from. The product Horsa Way deals with was then presented, the ERP “Microsoft Business Central 365” (which was recently elected “Best ERP on the market” by Forbes ) The more theoretical parts were then accompanied by practical sessions during which the teachers showed case histories simulating real situations.

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All this has allowed a win-win situation

The English would say: Horsa, by Colombia Phone Number List making its professionalism available, had the opportunity to meet young talents , at the same time boys and girls had the opportunity to learn by coming into contact with a world that it is difficult to deal with at school, but it offers considerable job opportunities. The numbers of the last edition (2022) Duration: 3 October 2022 – 11 November 2022 (6 weeks) Teachers: 8 Participants: 13 based in Turin (of which 4 from Pisa and 1 from Milan), plus 6 remotely Of which hired: 11 among those in person, 4 among those remotely.

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