In this scenario, Microsoft 365 represents a now standard market ecosystem, in capable of supporting corporate collaboration within secure, advanced and easy- to-use virtual spaces. It is to all intents and purposes a revolutionary paradigm, an epochal turning point that completely undermines the classic work dynamics and opens up new opportunities for the business but also for the people who make it up. To truly reap the advantages of the modern workplace, however, implementing technology is not enough : it is necessary to do so according to consolidated best practices and within a broader path, also characterized by a cultural and governance change.

Only by orchestrating technology and corporate

Culture in the best possible way will it be Turkey Phone Number List possible to create a virtuous circle capable of improving the work experience and company results. In light of these premises, Horsa supports its customers in adopting the modern Microsoft 365 workplace through an approach based on three fundamental pillars : onboarding and training, information and support. Let’s find out in detail what to expect from these three phases and what the added value of Horsa consultancy is. Onboarding and training, to make the best use of the modern workplace .

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Not all companies that offer the Microsoft

Suite carry out adequate onboarding Bulgaria Phone Number List campaigns: yet, this phase is essential to make the most of the power of the modern workplace tools. Without adequate support, the risk for companies is to sign up to expensive licensing plans and then, in practice, exploit their potential only to a minimal extent and, due to a lack of awareness. From this perspective, the damage of inadequate, if not completely absent, training will also have an impact in the long term. Horsa’s objective is instead to guarantee excellent onboarding , so that every company can really make the most of the investment made. But it is not just an economic question: receiving adequate training on Microsoft .

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