It’s easy to talk “in theory” about what it means to work in a Software House or present. Success cases once a project has been completed; it is more complicated to understand. It in depth, with the many roles that build its organizational structure and the many people who work there on a daily basis. Here are two peculiar points of view from which to observe company. Life and the specifics of the management and development. Work of software projects we interviewed daniela favero and giuliana milan. Who have been working for many years in delta system. A  group company specialized in development of management applications on Power Systems infrastructure .

They will explain to us what they do and

Above all , their point of view on project Poland Phone Number List management and software development . Enjoy the reading! How many years have you worked at Delta System and what is your role? Daniela: I have been working in Delta system for 35 years. I am an application analyst and project manager: my role is to support and assist customers in the reorganization of business processes and therefore manage short or medium-term structured projects, as well as daily application assistance. Giuliana: I arrived at Delta System in 2000, after a brief experience as a mathematics teacher, and I am a programmer analyst.

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For some years I have also been involved in the training

And placement of interns and junior Estonia Phone Number List programmers in the company; recently I was assigned the task of coordinating supply and demand, that is, matching the activities requested by PMs with the developers available to carry them out, in compliance with budgets and deadlines. What gives you the most satisfaction in your work? Daniela: certainly experiencing customer satisfaction first-hand, that is, completing a project that meets their expectations or even exceeds them; all within the estimated times and with the perfect synergy of the colleagues involved.

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