How important is the change of mentality in a company, the move from a hierarchical, standardized. Approach to a collaborative one based on sharing? The last two years we have lived have taught us that it matters a lot and that true transformation for a company. Comes from being able to give all people – including collaborators – the same possibilities. The same ability to be present and to be able to innovate. The management of this change or, if we want to put it in English, change management , is possible if we provide the tools and processes necessary to recognize and understand .

What is happening and suitable for managing

The human impact of a profound Israel Telegram Number Data transition. Because it is important to have a thorough understanding of the tools used in the company. It’s a shame that we often focus on the tool without thinking about the fact that an adequate. Training plan is necessary before adopting and using it . Ultimately we think that it is enough to use it to acquire useful knowledge and that, as we progress, we will discover what we really need. And yet it is not always like this, on the contrary, the behavior towards the instrument is similar to the tip of an iceberg : people only use the part that can be seen – therefore the part that is most immediately .

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A world of submerged potential

What does all this translate into? To use Bolivia Phone Number List another metaphor, it is like being in a foreign country whose language, customs, customs and food you do not know at all. Yes, it’s true, many things can be learned in the field, but without real study you will lack the basic knowledge that allows for true integration. And it will take much longer to truly feel part of that context. If we return to the world of technology, we can say the same thing happens with Microsoft 365 , increasingly chosen by companies, but often used only partially.

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