The evolution of Business Intelligence systems towards Data Analytics has marked an important change of pace. In organizations and in the use of corporate information at the service of decision-making processes. Going beyond a simple a posteriori analysis has left room for more ambitious and effective forecasting tools. Now, however, all this is no longer enough. It’s time to look further towards an active Intelligence model. The idea, supported among the first on the market by Qlik , follows a very simple reasoning. To guide future decisions, we need data that is as up-to-date as possible. The scale and pace of changes are such that we can no longer afford to limit. Ourselves to a forecasting model built on history and a few periodic iterations.

The active business intelligence process leverages

First of all, dynamism and therefore the Germany Telegram Number Data ability to take data into consideration as soon as they take shape. In practice, in real time. A more widespread need than one might think. If it may come naturally to think of the financial world, where important fluctuations are now to be considered in the order of minutes, if not seconds, other less obvious sectors can derive important benefits. For example, with IoT at the service of the production world, it becomes possible to predict with greater reliability a potential risk situation for a production plant; or in the Healthcare sector, where it is possible to promptly recognize.

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The symptoms of an illness and increase the chances of intervening

In time; or even in companies that operate Bahamas Phone Number List in the B2C world, where the analysis of customer purchasing behavior can signal potential disaffection or even potential abandonment and the use of predictive algorithms, internal to the platform or integrated with it, can therefore advise the best action to take to prevent it from happening. A mission for experts This is an easy picture to understand but decidedly more difficult to translate into process transformation, naturally with the contribution of adequate tools and a high level of automation. The quantity of data to be processed, the complexity of the procedures and the maneuvering times are in fact beyond human capabilities.

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