For manufacturing and distribution companies , changing the ERP. To a solution tailored to the needs of the sector is the winning strategy today. The sector, in fact, presents peculiar characteristics and must face very complex challenges on various fronts: adopting an advanced management system created specifically. For this scenario can really make the difference. Implementing a new solution, however, is not enough : it must be done with criteria and following careful analysis. With this in mind, let’s see what are the 5 tips to follow for a smooth ERP change. The cloud, in fact, allows collaboration to be maximized within the entire digital operating environment. One of the most concrete advantages of switching .

Analyze needs and objectives for an informed ERP change 

Manufacturing and distribution are sectors Canada Phone Number List characterized by a particular. Complexity and variety , since they can include companies in the most disparate sectors (from furniture to agri-food, through textiles-clothing and automotive). Active in the field of mass production as in the completely customized one. Each of these businesses therefore presents distinctive characteristics and, to be managed in the best possible way. Requires tools with functions aimed at optimizing both production and logistics . Supporting collaboration between the various company areas and between the different nodes of the Supply Chain.

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Identify the features you need to achieve these goals   

In order for the ERP change to really bring Vietnam Phone Number List the desired improvements, it is important to precisely identify and define the most useful characteristics that the solution must have to enhance business processes. Among the elements that may be more strategic should be considered, for example, an integrated digital document system , business collaboration and process automation tools, as well as business intelligence features with analytics, KPIs and planning capabilities to synchronize supply processes and optimize inventory management.

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