Change has always been a fundamental component of the survival and growth of any market. To maintain competitiveness it is therefore necessary to adapt to new trends and seize opportunities. Stroili Oro, leader in the Italian jewelery sector for over 40 years , is no exception: the solution adopted by the company was to focus on omnichannel. In a radically changed world, people are increasingly turning to online stores. Stroili Oro has taken note of the growing desire of customers to be able to purchase not only in the physical store but also from the online store, directly from home. For this reason, at the beginning of the 2000s, the company decided that the time had come to implement a system that would allow complete omnichannel between sales in physical stores and those in digital stores.

To meet customer needs and at the same time implement a solution to this new challenge

Stroili Oro chooses, with the support Australia Telegram Number Data of Horsa and thanks to a long-standing collaboration, to focus on an omnichannel strategy to integrate physical and virtual stores in the best possible way. possible way. The implemented solution For this reason, in 2013, maintaining the objective of competitiveness, the company chose to change ERP management by moving to Microsoft Dynamics Nav. Microsoft Dynamics Nav proved to be a highly flexible solution capable of satisfying needs and allowing the optimization of business processes, especially from an omnichannel perspective which represented the fulcrum of the entire project.

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Microsoft Dynamics Nav has also contributed

To increasing efficiency, operational Afghanistan Phone Number List transparency and reducing management costs. Furthermore, it also helped Stroili Oro to unify data and processes thus increasing market responsiveness. All this was possible thanks to the joint work of Horsa and Stroili which, together with the highly scalable software, allowed us to have a first working prototype in 6 months. Beyond omnichannel: all the results of the Stroili Oro project This collaboration, over time, has also made it possible to develop various application solutions to respond to other operational needs that have arisen: To manage the initial migration phase towards the new software, a data exchange interface FROM and TOWARD the old software was designed and created in order to keep the data aligned.

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