Lots of software that operate autonomously the production process of an industrial. Organization involves different departments with distinct tasks that must base their activity on a single data flow . “ Usually, each department involved in the process manages this data with vertical. Software dedicated to a specific function – says massimiliano grisenti, sales & operations planning  roject. Manager at horsa – these software often do not communicate with each other or do so with little efficiency. And therefore, for the flow of information to complete its entire path, it is necessary to carry out transfers.

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They take considerable time and effort, delaying, or Malaysia Phone Number List even preventing, from hypothesizing. Different forecasting scenarios . Go beyond corporate silos To support companies facing these problems, Horsa has established a specific practice . This is located within the Horsa ABIC business unit and is entirely dedicated to Sales operations management. Its purpose is to help the company’s top management in choosing the best option among multiple scenarios that consider different situations, such as the effect on the warehouse of changes in sales forecasts, the impact of supplier lead times.

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 These are all scenarios that can have multiple

Evolutions – underlines Grisenti –, but we would Azerbaijan Phone Number List like them to be able to be evaluated within the periodic Sales & Operations meeting. Our goal is to outline the impact (including financial) that each scenario could have so that the CFO or CEO is able to understand what effects the choice being made will have on the income statement .” More informed decisions The extensive skills in Sales & Operations allow Horsa Abic to develop solutions modeled on customer needs, with the possibility of using a single software or connecting to vertical software used in the company’s departments.

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