Why must Cyber ​​Security be managed as a process ? Let’s try to imagine that we want to follow a diet (no matter the reason). One approach could be to independently decide the program that we deem most appropriate to achieve. Our goal, or we could do research and surveys to orient ourselves on the most suitable type of path . A different approach, however, is to rely on the skills of a nutrition consultant who, after having carried. Out a series of specific assessments and tests, decides which is the best strategy to follow.

Furthermore, in many cases it is necessary to combine

The management of the dietary pattern with India Telegram Number Data sporting activities or support courses. One of the important objectives of a diet is therefore to be aware that. Once we have achieved our result, we must have a guideline that allows us to maintain it, otherwise. We run the risk of nullifying the work of many months. The approach with which we can manage the topic of cyber security is very similar: we have the possibility of independently selecting the tools that we deem most appropriate to protect our company from the risks of cyber attacks.

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The importance of the process in cyber security

In a previous article we saw how strategic Belarus Phone Number List the assessment activity is in order to define the cyber security process to be implemented. The assessment can be compared to the first visit to the food consultant, who may or may not decide to have a series of analyzes carried out to better understand the situation. Deciding that cyber security should be managed as a process is a strategic choice, because in the management process we make sure to cyclically check whether the security posture is still adequate, whether the technologies implemented are still current and updated and whether the level of awareness ( awareness) is correct.

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