The importance of quality More and more companies are moving towards a data-driven approach to their management. This means that decisions are made based on data, translated into objective information. And facts, and not sensations; the more correct and precise. This information is, the better the decisions will be. It allows you to establish positive bonds based on empathy. Another essential skill which consists in being able to put yourself in the shoes of those in front of you, understanding their emotions,

Despite the implementation of Data Integration

Data Warehouse, Data Lake etc. Processes that Netherlands Phone Number List lead the data back to a defined path, there is no certainty that the data is correct and of good quality . In particular, the latter refer to relational and behavioral skills: they can be innate skills, but also skills learned through. Experience and training and are fundamental because they allow you to understand and relate to any person. Assertiveness and empathy: assertiveness allows people to assert their points of view and express their needs, but always with respect for others.

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The percentage of quality data out of the total Timeliness

How well the data represents reality at the Denmark Phone Number List required time Validity. Does These figures are increasingly numerous and job opportunities. Are destined to grow in the coming years, as the success of companies depends mainly on people capable of effectively organizing work and resources , especially in constantly evolving contexts and complex organizations . Having transversal skills is the key to being able to best perform the role of Project Manager; hence, the importance of possessing hard skills (technical skills, such as: risk management, cost management, resource management, quality management, etc.), but also of developing and refining one’s soft skills .

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