Business Data , depending on its nature, can be shown in the form of graphs, spreadsheets, formulas. Percentages or numbers, but in order to transform this data into answers. That help make business decisions , it must be presented in a way very precise. With a good, expressive and convincing plot, just like when telling a story , otherwise these data will simply remain numbers. Why do data storytelling tell a story to show company data. The volume of data that every company has at its disposal is constantly growing, but users increasingly. Do not have the skills to be able to correctly relate it or to interpret it in order to make it truly useful for their business .

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Facilitates the understanding of the Argentina Whatsapp Number List data, as it allows the recipient of the information. To be reached with the naturalness and simplicity of a story  the recipient will understand. More clearly the data that will help him make business decisions with absolute awareness. The infographic below shows with great simplicity the standard steps adopted by Business Intelligence to collect, prepare and analyze data, and effectively shows the importance of telling this data with a Visual Story : data  Storytelling can be equated to the creation process with Lego blocks: only if positioned in a certain way and connected.

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Picture provided by the data be obtained. How Vietnam WhatsApp Number List to do Data Storytelling: telling a Story made of Data The same rules that apply for the creation of a literary story can, in principle, be applied for the creation of a Data Story. For Data Storytelling , however, the application of four simple rules is fundamental : Identify the target and their knowledge on the topic: having a well-targeted target allows you to direct the story in the right direction. Analysts, managers, executives all have different needs and knowledge.

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