First there was the car, then netflix and spotify arrived and now business central is also opening up to this world with its online “ SaaS ” version. This way of experiencing daily needs is increasingly permeating society. And it is doing so faster than we think until a few years ago, it would have been a dream for most of us to have an endless. Catalog of films or songs always available but now the opposite is unthinkable. In a world where the use of content is increasingly faster, this mode allows you to start using the product. In significantly less time. This allows you to concentrate better and faster on the content (music, film or management software) rather than on the container (by which we mean everything necessary for the use of that content).

Small note: Netflix became available in Italy on October

This means that it took less than 10 years Canada Telegram Number Data to change the way we consume films and TV series. What does SaaS mean and what changes compared to the old way? Acronym for ” Software as a Service “, it indicates the possibility of being able to rent software for the time we need, delegating. The entire management and maintenance part to third parties ( Microsoft , in this case). With this approach the company will no longer have to worry about all the infrastructure necessary for the software to be used: Purchase and configuration of servers Maintenance and updating of the.

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Operating System Installation and configuration of a firewall

Configuration and management of a machine Argentina Phone Number List backup plan. These are some examples of charges that a company is usually required to bear with classic management. Thanks to the advent of server farms and virtual machines, these costs have started to be reduced some time ago. With the solution proposed by Microsoft which is based on the Azure platform. Those who purchase BC SaaS will be able to eliminate them. Microsoft itself will guarantee the security and continuity of the service. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, in its subscription cloud version, was first announced in September 2017 at the same time. As the announcement of its incorporation into the 365 suite .

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