Here we are at the starting blocks of our new series of ” Vendor Interviews ” appointments: recurring meetings that will allow us to collect reflections and points of view from the main technological players orbiting in the “data & analytics” world. There couldn’t have been a better start since we are here today with Antonio Milone , head of the Retail, Telco & Media segment for Google Cloud Italia. I don’t think there is any need for introductions for Google Cloud , one of the main cloud service providers globally and a leader, in terms of market presence, in the retail world.

Indeed, today Google Cloud is the reference platform

At a global level for at least 9 out of 10 Germany Phone Number List Retailers. A responsibility that spurs us in the continuous search for innovation in areas ranging from data management and analysis, to the security of the data itself and infrastructure, support for internal and external collaboration with companies and obviously the topics of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning , which have always been a distinctive element of Google. So, with these premises, let’s dedicate ourselves today to the complex and fascinating world of large-scale retail trade. Antonio, could you tell us, from your point of view, what market moment the large-scale retail trade is experiencing, having moved from the pandemic period to the current political and economic situation?

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During the pandemic large-scale retail

Trade faced many challenges dictated by the Costa Rica Phone Number List emergency. From the sudden increase in demand on e-commerce, to the need to make the distribution chain more efficient to cover the last mile to the various “shortages” of products on the shelves up to the rethinking of communication and collaboration systems with office and shop employees . Many of these challenges remained so even later due to the energy crisis or war and forced large-scale retail trade operators to rethink many services to be more resilient and resistant to the different fluctuations in demand on the different sales channels. Google deals with technology and offers 360° cloud services to support digital transformation.

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