In the heart of Naples , a city rich in history and tradition, an extraordinary event has revealed the doors of the digital future. Horsa and PNS ( a Horsa Group company that wants to expand SAP expertise in central – southern Italy) have joined forces with SAP , a world leader in business management solutions, to open new horizons of digital transformation for small and medium-sized Italian businesses . In the picturesque setting of Villa Bruno di San Giorgio a Cremano, the “ Horsa : the Odyssey of Innovation” event captured the attention of entrepreneurs, industry experts and curious people eager to discover how Naples is embracing the future in the SAP cloud .

Why SAP cloud for Italian SMEs

SAP , with its wide range of integrated Estonia Phone Number List solutions, offers SMEs the ability to optimize and automate business processes, improving overall operational efficiency . Thanks to cloud computing , SMBs can access the powerful capabilities of SAP without having to manage complex infrastructures, reducing IT costs and improving the flexibility and scalability of business operations. But that is not all. With SAP cloud solutions , SMBs can extend business functionality to mobile devices, allowing employees to access company data and applications anywhere, anytime.

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Additionally SAP offers advanced data analytics and artificial

Intelligence tools that enable SMBs to derive Croatia Phone Number List value from business data by identifying patterns, improving sales forecasting, and optimizing inventory management. SAP ‘s partner ecosystem completes the picture, offering additional solutions and services to customize SAP solutions to the specific needs of SMEs. Furthermore, it provides technical support and training services to ensure that SMEs can implement and use the solutions effectively, maximizing their value. But how does all this come about? An exclusive interview with Domenico Pucciarelli, CEO of PNS, allowed us to immerse ourselves in the stage of the event.

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