Starting from paper documents, you need to have an image of each page. Which is typically obtained via scanner. The content of the image is then processed by the actual recognition program to identify the features relating to letters. Spaces, numbers and punctuation marks that make up single terms or entire sentences in a certain language. To be stored in computer archives for effective document management. Referring to the document management systems market. Research by indicates an annual growth of 13.04% from 2020 to 2025, also thanks to optical character recognition.

How optical character recognition can be used advantageously 

Thanks to Machine Learning algorithms, recognition New Zealand Phone Number List becomes increasingly. Accurate over time, in the presence of different writing styles, character types and quality of the original. In Business Automation, by integrating optical character recognition with intelligent document processing (IDP) systems. Individual data (names, places, dates, amounts) present in documents. Can be “read” and recorded directly in management systems. Once they are in the databases, they can be processed with any program, to modify them, print them, transmit them remotely. Above all, archives are automatically increased in which to launch searches to recover the information necessary for the advancement of company processes.

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What elements improve document accessibility with OCR 

The first element that facilitates the automatic Argentina Phone Number List acquisition of texts is the quality of the original. When the paper document to be scanned is not wrinkled, partially torn or stained, the clarity of the content promotes more reliable recognition. Another element that improves the conversion from written text to computer text is having documents structured in a standard way such as, for example, loan application forms from a bank. By “knowing” the reference model, when scanning the image the recognition software is able to extract data with greater accuracy, thanks to the identification of fields in well-defined positions on the page.

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