With the increase in solutions offered to its customers, release planning for all supported versions of microsoft dynamics 365 . Business central and the orderly management of evolutionary changes has increasingly. Become a central need, especially when aiming to provide a high level of service. In this regard, last spring an internal event was held at  way in which our Lab. Announced the adoption of a new activity management methodology: SCRUM . Scrum is an agile project management framework that helps teams structure. And manage their work through a set of values, principles and practices.

Scrum actually describes a series of events

Tools and roles that contribute to helping teams Mexico Phone Number List structure and manage their work. The work is divided into sprints and each sprint groups together the objectives to be completed. Specifically, for us at way the sprint coincides with the calendar month . This means that every 30 days or so a sort of major release of the Stack will be released (the set of apps developed by Horsa Way to enhance the standard features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central), thus following the path traced by Microsoft which updates cloud environments on a monthly basis.

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This set of rules will make the delivery phase clearer

Both for the company’s internal teams Bolivia Phone Number List working on customer projects and for the customers themselves who in this way will have better visibility on the evolution of their management software. The change in approach was in fact also adopted to improve external communication: now having precise time windows and an equally precise list of changes available, the conditions have been created to plan the sending of a summary newsletter which includes and tell us all the news. To talk about all this we have the pleasure of being able to ask .Davide caravella , member of the LAB, a few questions.

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