Customer Experience (CX) is always present in the customer journey : the customer’s interaction. With the company produces useful data that can be recorded in CRM to define the customer’s experience. In fact, customer experience is often defined as the sum of the sensations and perceptions. Experienced by the consumer/customer (actual or potential) during the pre- and post-sales process . Technology has found a way to be at the service of companies also in the field of customer experience: SAP has developed an entire suite of solutions to respond to companies.’ Need to track and monitor every moment of a customer’s interaction with their business .

Advantage for the end customer

End customers receive precise and punctual USA Mobile Number Database assistance , in a single conclusive visit, because SAP Field. Service Management (SAP FSM) allows companies to respond quickly to customer requests for intervention. Today it is essential to minimize errors in managing field work. Errors sometimes caused by the large number of documents to be filled out. With SAP FSM, customer data, orders and requests are automatically transmitted and updated in real time. So that all agents involved in the intervention (Technicians and Service Managers) can verify the changes made.

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Advantage for Field Technicians

The SAP FSM solution enables a service Hong Kong Phone Number List experience that prevents the recurrence of critical situations and allows you to plan appropriate remediation actions in advance. The technician can independently manage service requests and the accounting of hours worked, materials consumed and expenses. All this, without having to go through the back office, but by directly accessing the system via the native mobile application (SAP Field Service Management), available on smartphone or tablet devices with Android or IOS operating systems. Technicians can also benefit from concrete help in resolving problems: they can consult tickets/requests for assistance that have already been processed and resolved successfully .

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