In modern smart factories, the key word is interconnection between machines. Having a strong connection between the machines that govern the production system means being able to count on a set of digital flows capable of mapping every step within the factory, in order to provide an accurate picture of actions and processes. From the design to the operational phase, the market today requires companies to best capitalize on signals and information arriving from the lines, to give speed and guarantee efficiency to the production machine. It is the Industry 4.0 model , based on data and the interoperability of tools.

Moving from idea to execution in a fluid way requires

In fact, tools capable of communicating Iraq Telegram Number Data with each other to implement the best possible collaboration between man and machine. Applications that manage planning are now integrated with production machinery, to allow decisions to be made based on updated and reliable data and to adapt the factory context to changing market demands. Thanks to modern MES (Manufacturing Execution System) solutions it is possible to obtain punctual and available real-time monitoring of all production flows, overcoming traditional organizational silos in favor of a single and integrated process.

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Based on the data collected by sensors positioned

At strategic points of the production Benin Phone Number List line, the software is able to process the information and improve traceability throughout the entire process. New call-to-action The Industry 4.0 regulation and the advantages of interconnection between machines On the other hand, the so-called industry 4.0 aims to create products controlled in every respect . In recent years the legislator has aimed to modernize the production methods of Italian companies through the renewal of production plants , both through the purchase of capital goods, tangible or intangible, and through research and development activities.  credits.

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