Probably, writing an article on creativity could be vaguely uncreative.  Just as we could define as unoriginal the definition according to which, nowadays. Creativity is the basis of all professions and will be increasingly so. On the other hand, in our defense, even an IBM survey involving. CEOs from all over the world establishes that creativity is by far the most sought-after characteristic in a leader. And proof of the validity of this theory are the countless. companies created from the thought of a whimsical and innovative intellect .

This doesn’t just apply to leaders or CEOs

It applies to all employees at all levels . Firt of all because Switzerland Phone Number List automation delegates repetitive. Tasks to machines and leaves thinking heads free to imagine new innovation processes . Secondly, it is equally true that today’s complexity of business and the challenges that are placed. Before us every day, at every professional level, require original feedback on increasingly intricate problems . To try to adequately respond to the complications we may encounter when we approach a new project, we can try to concretely implement some options.

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But before looking specifically at how to do it

We must make a premise: in the interesting book  , Gabriella Ecuador Phone Number List Kellerman and Martin Seligman explain that creative intelligence can be distinguished into four types of thinking : The thought of INTEGRATION It allows us not only to connect concepts , but to integrate them into one grand unifying theory . A significant example is that of Apple, which, in 2007, marketed the iPhone for the first time, bringing together in a single object (integration) those needs that the user, until then, had satisfied by using separate devices: Apple combined photos , video, music and telephone in a single, iconic, object.

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