There should be no more doubts about the importance of collecting, storing and managing the business data produced by any business. The matter changes, however, when we move on to evaluating its actual usefulness. That is, understanding if, how and to what extent this information is transformed into support for strategies and decisions. How much, in practice, it is in line with a concept of data maturity. Behind the extremely synthetic definition, a decidedly more complex reality is hidden. Rightly so, because a large part of the success of any entrepreneurial activity depends on the maturity of the data.

Digital transformation and widespread connectivity

Have led to the availability of an enormous Iran Telegram Number Data amount of information, even where not expressly desired. The distinction between simply conserving them and transforming them into added value can make the difference. Data maturity: change of vision Very often, in fact, we limit ourselves to exploiting company. Data for simple partial and retrospective analyses, limited to the requests of an individual . With a greater level of organization and investment in analysis tools. It is already possible to arrive at uniform information capable of being shared and compared at a broader company level.

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Going further, we can move the time axis from the past to the future

Also adding predictive analysis Belize Phone Number List principles. Where, however, it is necessary to start thinking about more sophisticated tools, capable of evaluating the importance of information and correlating it dynamically, without stopping at nature itself. Finally, at the level of greater maturity of the data, it is possible to apply machine learning tools and related artificial intelligence. You will thus have the opportunity to evaluate as many possible scenarios and their consequences, preparing your organization to face different developments. Each step naturally involves the availability of different resources, skills and times, with related organizations.

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