Equipping the point of sale with a cashless totem kiosk (or more than one!) is an intelligent strategy to address. Some of the central challenges for the entire retail and large-scale distribution world: efficiency increases costs are. Turnover increases , improves customer experience and customer loyalty grows . In the next lines we will find out why it is possible to achieve all these objectives thanks to the automatic pay station and what requirements to consider to best implement it. Large-scale distribution and retail today: a scenario in slow but constant evolution .

The sector traditionally is less inclined than others to embrace

The path of advanced innovation, but Saudi Arabia Phone Number List today the time is ripe to start exploiting the advantages of features such as artificial intelligence , innovative payments and business intelligence. And the point in which these three instances find full expression is precisely the automatic checkout, the key element that can transform into the most memorable step of the entire customer journey inside the store because it enables fast (and therefore satisfactory) purchasing rhythms , more modern payment methods, data-driven marketing actions and, consequently, allows you to make the most of the offer and guarantee .

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The cashless totem kiosk builds customer

Loyalty because it enables more intelligent Brazil Phone Number List marketing Today’s consumers want speed, convenience and personalized services : an advanced cashless totem kiosk meets all these criteria because it avoids the formation of excessively long and boring queues during peak hours and is designed to be simple and even fun to use , thanks to a clear and impactful interface. But practicality is not everything, there are also other reasons why the automatic checkout is the preferred solution for many consumers: it allows, for example, to complete the purchase independently, with maximum privacy and without having to interact with the staff of the store, or to easily.

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