This line of articles started with “ but what work do you do? Profession Project Manager. The path to certification ” aims to clarify the requirements.  Specific characteristics and reasons for obtaining certain certifications in the world of project management . In addition to a purely technical part, each article will end with an interview with a Horsa professional who has obtained the relevant certification . The world of project management requires both practical and theoretical knowledge. Like many other disciplines, but unlike other jobs, that of the project manager sooner or later requires an almost. “Mandatory” stage, certification .

Being certified, in fact, allows you to learn about new methodologies

To give new horizons to your career Latvia Phone Number List but also to signal to your own and other organizations. That you are legitimized to compete for tenders where these are requested. Indisputably for the world of project management. The PMI-PMP certification is the most famous and most requested at an international level. Being very well known among professionals, it might seem that accessing. It is simple, but this is not the case; in fact, as of 31 March 2023 in italy the number of PMP certificates is just under ten thousand and in the world just over one million.

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The advantages of having a certification

Like the PMP are many, the main ones Cyprus Phone Number List being: gain knowledge and awareness. Of which methodologies are suitable to apply to the projects being tackled. Thus allowing one to intervene, modify and make informed decisions. Having internal and external in fact by obtaining the PMP certification you signal to your organization and to others that you are a person trained and certified by the most important project management body at an international level ; , this leads to more opportunities to advance a career and often higher salaries compared to those with the same role.

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