The event took place on 10 October 2023 at the Melia Milano Hotel in Milan and was dedicated to Oracle’s Applications Unlimited solutions (i.e. On-Premise Applications), in particular the advantages and innovations of: Oracle E-Business Suite Oracle Hyperion Oracle JD Edwards Oracle Siebel Horsa was a sponsor of the event as a reference partner for the Applications Unlimited world with a dedicated desk to promote our activities and as a meeting point for customers and prospects and in general for anyone interested in approaching the Horsa world. The event In describing the day, some preliminary considerations: our start was not the best.

Certainly not the fault of the organizers

Or for causes related to the presentation, but Vietnam Phone Number List good intentions risked falling at the mercy of events. But let’s go in order: our appointment was at the Garibaldi station, starting from the Reggio Emilia AV station and from the Porta Susa station in Turin. The prerequisite for arriving on time for the start of work was, for both of us, waking up at dawn. Reggio Emilia – 6.45am A short journey by car, until the Calatrava bridge announces the connection to the station, describing the sense of modernity, telling the charm of beauty in reaching our tomorrow.

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A coffee at the station bar just to prepare

For the journey, then the stairs to reach Austria Phone Number List the elevated floor where the trains pass in both directions. The train arrives, I get on and find my seat with a slightly strange feeling in thinking that, until a few years ago, going to Milan was a return home, rather than a business trip. But things change, time passes quickly like this high-speed train which will conclude its journey in less than an hour, and it gives a good feeling to think that, speaking of the future, today there will be a way to discover something about it moreover.

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