Power Systems is the infrastructure unanimously known for solidity and reliability. But when we talk about ERPs developed on this engine, it is easy to end up discussing functional. Completeness that is still orphaned of a necessary and essential tension towards digital transformation . In other words, ERPs on Power Systems, commonly referred to with the term AS400 , are seen as those elderly relatives. Rich in experience and with vast knowledge of certain topics, but who seem not to be comfortable in expressing. Their knowledge through smartphones , tablets and other “modern devices”.

Nothing could be more wrong! The recipe for Digital transformation

Tailored to Power Systems the evolution Hong Kong Telegram Number Data of ERPs on power. I is actually possible by identifying the development framework that acts as a bridge between the historic “solidity” of Power Systems and the “new” web applications. Necessary to make today’s companies competitive, flexible and efficient. Only in this way can we obtain an ERP with a modern and user-friendly front-end , but also an architecture and process management that enables total modernization , allowing companies to continue moving thanks to their historic and highly reliable engine, but with the possibility of undertaking trajectories and evolutionary strategies.

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That would otherwise be unthinkable

It is necessary to enhance reliability, providing Belarus Phone Number List it with greater flexibility and implementation agility. Technology and evolution: the winning mix of the development framework The driver of change is to adopt a framework that provides the Power Systems world with a cloud architecture: thus innovative development tools and consolidated technology create an “explosive” mix in terms of performance and functional flexibility, aimed at increasing efficiency and corporate competitiveness . The cloud environment brings with it a number of significant advantages: speed, scalability, performance improvement, development, facilitated by the structure of the tool itself , of new features and applications.

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