In recent years, the aging dynamics of Italian society have made the business of all small, medium or large companies operating in the social and healthcare sector increasingly important. Within this group of entities we find private clinics, RSA, private foundations that find themselves managing more or less complex structures that offer services to citizens in different ways: in agreement with the NHS, in a solvency regime, relying on health insurance private, personal or linked to the employer or contractual framework.

 The Italian state also found itself in the need to regulate

This area, especially the realities that pertain Denmark Telegram Number Data to the Third Sector , through the Third Sector Code (Legislative Decree 3 July 2017 n.117) , which provided for the reorganization and overall revision of the current regulations on the matter, both civil and fiscal, defining for the first time the perimeter of the so-called. Third Sector and, in a homogeneous and organic manner, the bodies that are part of it. The main challenges of IT and CFO Within this general framework, Finance and IT have found themselves facing old and new problems or challenges.

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On the one hand, identify the specialties

To focus on and the innovative diagnostic Austria Phone Number List and therapeutic procedures to favor, also seen as a marketing element to stand out from others; on the other hand, evaluate the management of costs, revenues, margins and profitability of these activities to have the necessary levers to make strategic decisions with a medium-long term perspective. From this perspective, even smaller companies are evaluating new investments in management systems to renew them and adapt them to new needs and at the same time new Corporate Performance Management (CPM) tools to be able to monitor performance and plan future actions.

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