Projects in Our Country for the Financing of Research

Supporting research, development and innovation studies. With grants or tax advantages; it contributes significantly. To increasing the research and technology development ability, innovation culture and. Competitiveness of our industrial companies and to the conversion of r&d .Studies into investment. So, is just providing support for the acquisition of innovative products. Technologies and processes enough for companies to obtain economic. Returns from these studies? The answer to this question will of course be no. Although finding. An innovative idea and turning it into an output is a very important effort. It is equally important to support the idea owners to turn this output into a commercial product. At this point, the ministry of industry and technology of the republic.

Turkey decided that

The Technological Product Investment Support Program will be carried out by KOSGEB in 2018, based on the call it has been carrying out since 2014 in order to C Level Executive List cure the bleeding wounds of companies developing innovative products and to reduce the mass production and marketing costs of the developed products. It announced that in 2019, instead of a call-based system, it has transformed it into a program that receives continuous applications for SMEs. With the changes in the Ministry, it is aimed to ensure that KOSGEB, which has a more experienced structure in support, carries out the process and to eliminate the operational problems that the on-call system creates for the companies and the institution that carries out the evaluation processes. SME Technological Product Investment Support Program (TEKNOYATIRIM).

It aims to increase exports

Provide added value to the country’s economy by supporting. Investments aimed at the production and commercialization. Of new product(s) resulting from r&d or innovation activities. The upper limit of the supports. To be provided in the B2B Reviews medium-low and low technology areas. Within the scope of the teknoyatirim program is 500,000 tl in total, with repayment and/or non-refundability. The upper limit of the supports to be provided in. The medium-high and high technology fields is a total of 5,000,000 tl, with or without refund. Companies that. Will apply for the program will be within the budgets given above. Purchasing of machinery, equipment and molds, production line design, purchase of software. For the product subject to the investment project. Recruitment of new personnel within the scope of the investment project.

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