Publications in Google My Business

One of the factors in increasing the reach of users in Google is regular updating of information about your company’s activities through publications. Therefore, by creating a “live” company profile in Google Maps and the Google search engine. You will not only encourage them to choose your services, but you will also be able to. Therefore, updating information about the work of the institution in the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic. Yes, it is worth notifying users about the current work schedule or temporary closure. The possibility of arranging the delivery of goods or ordering them on the spot, or data on compliance with sanitary and epidemiological protocols, and indicate the numbers by which customers can call to clarify the necessary information.

Editor of goods, services and product catalog

The product editor is a tool for small and medium-sized businesses Consumer Mobile Number Database  to advertise . Therefore, their products to potential customers and encourage interaction with them. When viewing a company’s profile on desktop or mobile devices, users will see the products offered by the store in the “Product overview” or “Products” tab, respectively. Therefore, each of the items added through the product editor will appear on the company profile in Google. Regardless of the device on which it is viewed. Therefore, we draw the attention of restaurant business owners that the “Popular dishes” function does not depend on the work of the product editor. You can further display your own offers by designating them as “popular dishes” or using the menu editor. For the owners of large networks of companies.

What is prohibited from posting on a company

You can add services and optimize product offers yourself. Therefore, but it is much better to leave this matter B2B Reviews in the hands of highly qualified specialists. Specialists from the Internet marketing agency Golden Web Digital will be able to increase the efficiency of reaching new users several times. Therefore, development of a publication plan, writing SEO-optimized texts using the correct key queries, compliance with the above-mentioned technical and linguistic requirements for publications, and creation of unique and high-quality content that will cause users positive emotions from getting to know your company – entrust the local promotion of your business to us.

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