This is the question we asked ourselves in the editorial office and which pushed. Us to reflect on how this new technology could help us carry out our work in a “tomorrow” which. As we will see, is not that far away. In this analysis we will not deal with the potentially negative aspects; instead we want to focus on the possible. Scenarios that we could find ourselves experiencing in the coming years. We will therefore try to play with our imagination to imagine how this resource could be integrated into the management software we use every day in our companies.

Compared to the programs we are used to knowing

However, let’s start by understanding what Thailand Phone Number List we are talking about. This is the definition extracted from the article .What is artificial intelligence and how is it used? present on the european parliament website: “artificial intelligence (AI) is the ability of a machine. To exhibit human-like capabilities such as reasoning, learning, planning and creativity.  An AI is able to learn, carry out reasoning starting from a specific request and provide an answer. In a similar way to our brain. Conventional software, on the other hand, is made to give a result by processing the data supplied to it according to a process defined upstream.

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This gives an enormous advantage in terms of speed

Of data analysis because we will no longer Finland Phone Number List have to think about how to structure the analyzes that we will need to make decisions , but the management system itself will do it autonomously : we would just have to ask. Let’s start with some questions: “Which items have the highest margin?” “What are the items that have the highest margin and which have an average warehouse storage time of less than 10 days?” “What are the items that have the highest margin, which have an average warehouse storage time of less than 10 days and which generate the fewest assistance requests?

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