Implementing an advanced tool like Salesforce CRM today represents a strategic choice capable of making a real difference. Because it allows the company to guarantee customers experiences in line with their expectations . In fact, consumers today are increasingly demanding: they expect to experience highly personalized. Customer journeys and to experience fluid and engaging interactions, in real time and on an omnichannel scale. A significant challenge the heart of the matter is to radically change the point of view, compared to the traditional. Approach: that is, shifting the attention from the product/service to the customer .

The importance of an advanced tool like Salesforce CRM for Italian companies

That the attention received from the company, in Hong Kong Phone Number List the era of the experience. Economy, is an essential element for consumers is confirmed by the data: according to the State of the connected. Customer report drawn up by Salesforce, 88% of customers believe that the support you receive along the customer journey is just as important as the products or services in question. Despite this evidence, Italian companies have not yet managed to fully embrace the new customer-centric paradigm: according to the latest data released by the Omnichannel Customer Experience Observatory of the Polytechnic of Milan, 20% of national companies admit that they still have an approach strongly focused on product/service.

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Exploiting data is strategic, doing so with an advanced CRM is easy 

To evolve in the face of this scenario and align Armenia Phone Number List the customer experience with customer expectations, it is necessary to exploit the information available in a more advanced and intelligent way. This objective can only be achieved by implementing advanced software for customer relationship management activities : a tool enhanced with Artificial Intelligence and automation such as Salesforce CRM, for example, allows you to analyze data in real time, to understand exactly what consumers want , how they want it and when .

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