Staff well-being is a topic that is gaining more and more weight on company management tables. More and more CEOs, Presidents and General Directors discuss with HR Managers which strategies to implement to improve staff well-being, how to translate them into initiatives and which technologies and processes to pay attention to to make the renewal work best. In this sense, a sensitivity towards the opportunity of data-driven strategies – and therefore initiatives – stands out. A sensitivity which, however, is not always accompanied by concrete practice, for countless and disparate reasons.

We talked about it with Andrea Rademoli

Human Resources and Organization Director Japan Phone Number List of Florim Ceramiche , who recently wrote an article for the Personale e Lavoro magazine that investigates the usefulness of Business Intelligence tools, and of a data-driven strategy, for HR function. Staff well-being and data-driven strategies: the interview with Andrea Rademoli Dr. Rademoli, why is it important to consider data management within strategies for staff well-being, especially in companies in your sector? The management complexity typical of an industrial company leads to particular attention to data management

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In your experience, what are the current difficulties of HR departments in Italy?

The various plants that make up such large companies Belgium Phone Number List each have their own social and working ecology. However, it is important for business to have elements of comparison between different situations. This has repercussions on the quality of the work. Paying attention to the personnel office, which by its nature is based on relationships, is important. When you work better, you also improve the overall quality of life of people at work. The duality of the HR function : always fighting between indispensability and credibility. Indispensability is assigned to Personnel Departments even where there is no personnel culture; this includes all the management of complicated situations, such as disputes, dismissals, but also the administrative part.

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