The phenomenon of high rents Let’s start by considering the problem more broadly. Looking at the rental market in Italy for large cities and capitals. In this context we consider the two-room apartment which is the most requested. Type – 39% compared to 32.2% for the three-room apartment – and also the one which recorded the highest prices, an increase of 4.2% compared to 3.9% for the studio apartment and 4% of the three-room apartment.

The graph shows the constant growth

In rent since 2015, with a brief stop in 2020 due Philippines Phone Number List to Covid and a recovery from 2021. The possible causes The reasons for the rise in prices are to be found in the return, after the pandemic, of some workers and students away from home and in the increased demand of those who cannot buy a house due to higher interest rates on mortgages . The problem in Italy is strongest in Milan , the richest and most dynamic city in the country and over the years the subject of a series of public policies aimed at improving the quality of life and ecological sustainability.

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The most emblematic example

Is the large scale of ZTLs which prohibit Egypt Phone Number List access to polluting vehicles. Despite the noble intent, these measures are not without side effects, the most evident of which is the progressive restriction of the supply of rentals in the city . The exclusivity of some city areas has made access to services more difficult for those who live in the suburbs, making the center more attractive and increasing the demand for homes in the metropolitan city, always to the detriment of the suburbs. The image shows the increase in real estate prices in the metropolitan area compared to the Milanese hinterland.

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