The name may be misleading, but the sustainability report is not a report related to the economic performance of a company or the closing of the fiscal year.  Instead, it is a way used by organizations to make their commitment to. Sustainability and the results achieved known . Some types of companies are obliged to draw up it, but, more generally, it is a spontaneous act. Carried out once a year and which has the aim of increasing the trust of stakeholders and improving one’s reputation . Precisely for this reason the sustainability. Report goes beyond the financial aspects, but also leads to the inclusion. Of the results obtained in the social and environmental. Sphere within the company’s activities how important is sustainability for Italians?

According to the National Observatory

On Sustainable Lifestyle which has drawn up UK Phone Number List annually since 2015, sustainability is increasingly a serious matter for Italians . The numbers prove it: nine years ago, 40% of the population indicated it as a passing fad and another 12% were undecided on what opinion to give.  The data collected in 2023 shows that things have radically changed and for 68% of sustainability. Is now a very important issue . And if we look to the future, there are over 39.5 million (79% of the population) Italians who say they want to reflect on sustainability, discuss it and make it their own.

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Furthermore, they value the transparency and honesty of companies

As fundamental, so much so that they consider Algeria Phone Number List them crucial factors in purchasing decisions. Proof of this preference is also found in a choice by the bank of Italy which. Since 2019, has been using criteria relating to ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) and the results. Achieved in the management of its non-monetary policy portfolios . Who has the obligation of the sustainability report as mentioned, today the decision to maintain reporting of non-financial information in the context of profit is essentially spontaneous.

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