How many companies can claim to still have collaborators present at the time of foundation? Delta System, a Horsa Group company, can do it, given that it includes among. Its ranks Susi Cettolin, an application analyst and customer manager who has been part of the team since 1987, the year the company was founded. At the same time, there is no shortage of new generations: the ability of a software house to know how to read the present and continue.

And here’s Sumiba Geremia, the company’s youngest software

So, why not bring to the surface the wealth that Oman Telegram Number Data does this ongoing collaboration involve, with a special double interview? analyst, who collaborates with Susi on numerous projects in the wood-furniture sector. Enjoy the reading! Susi, Sumiba, when did you start working at Delta System? Susi: in 1987. Just think that when I joined Delta System, sandwiches were in fashion and the AS400 had yet to be born. Sumiba: I started in October 2019, after finishing my specialization at ITS. Why did you decide to work in Information Technology?

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Susi: because chemistry was my adolescent vocation

But I discovered that computer science Armenia Phone Number List was a more challenging field for my characteristics. Sumiba: because it is a constantly evolving sector and I love working in a dynamic environment, where I can learn new things and not get bored! What was your first impression on your first day at work? Susi: that of living in a dream that was being born. Imagine that in our first office I was sitting on a box, the rooms were bare and all we had was the desire to build something new: a company was being born! Sumiba: I had the impression of finding a company that wants to invest in young people, given that I was hired together with other people of my age.

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