The 5 new features of 2024 for the Salesforce CRM were presented a few weeks ago. At dreamforce 2023, the event organized annually by the californian customer company. At the center of it all, new data enhancement and intelligent automation features. Released with the aim of increasing productivity and simplifying the lives of Salesforce CRM users. In the following lines we will see in detail what the main innovations have been proposed and what advantages. They promise to bring in the management of relationships with customers .

The Einstein1 Data Cloud platform

The power of unified data in Iran Phone Number List Salesforce CRM Einstein 1 data cloud is an intelligent, low and no-code, automated and open platform. That allows you to overcome the criticality given by the very high fragmentation of customer information. Corporate data stacks, in fact, are increasingly complex and among he expansion of cloud. Social and mobile has created vast silos of customer data. This new feature of the salesforce CRM offers important added value because it integrates the information. Within a single customer record and creates a unified view , which can be used across the entire Salesforce platform. Including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Commerce Cloud.

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The advantages by connecting any data

The new Salesforce CRM platform facilitates Cameroon Phone Number List the development of apps. With  capabilities thanks to low-code and offers a much simpler and more personalized user experience . Einstein 1 already processes 30 trillion transactions per month, merges 100 billion records every day and generates over a trillion predictions per week. Einstein Copilot: Salesforce CRM Work Improves with Generative AI Making the daily work of the users involved much simpler and more satisfying, in particular, is Einstein Copilot, the chatbot based on conversational AI technology integrated into every application and ready to use.

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