This is what we do when we add a voice to the Participatory Editorial Team or when we search for the solution on search engines, or when we work on the program so that the data appears as requested. One of the most interesting things is to see which subjects are capable of creating with words: we are no longer the only ones producing texts. Machines are also able to express themselves the way we do, or almost, and the results achieved by artificial intelligence are increasingly surprising. In a very interesting game we find ourselves faced with new possibilities and the only limit is our curiosity, the only opportunity given is to be dreamers, because after all, what is the language with which we express ourselves if not a way of interpreting reality?

Dreaming of writing, writing about dreams

If the intention is to talk about that beautiful Brazil Phone Number List and particular game that is writing, this article itself can only be proof of it: it is an example of written communication, of a flow of words, of a path only indicated and that everyone can make its own, based on different experiences, knowledge, interests and curiosities. And if this were the beginning of a story, a tale, a fable, sensations and images would soon overlap with the words, suggested by those .

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One of the rules of the writing game is precisely

The diversity of times: the discontinuity Benin Phone Number List between the moment in which one writes and the one in which one reads, which happens later, in the ways and at the times chosen by the reader, by the infinite and possible readers. It is a form of indirect communication, where the writer cannot know the thoughts of the reader, but only try to arouse interest, give rise to emotions, live dreams ; where the reader can be guided by the writer, by his own intuition, by his expectations, by what he immediately re-examines while reading, with more or less awareness.

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