The document, which collects all the company’s choices in terms of economic, environmental and social sustainability. Must also contain data relating to the impact of company activities on CO 2 emissions , the so-called “carbon footprint” . Various parameters are included, from energy consumption to the impact of industrial processes. Passing through the production of waste. For the purposes of evaluating the environmental “footprint”, the company transport system and employee mobility also count . It is no coincidence, therefore, that many companies. Have begun to place a Sustainable Manager , the figure in charge of managing the sustainability balance, alongside the Mobility Manager .

This corporate figure, established

As early as 1998, is responsible for mobility Lebanon Phone Number List management, i.e. the management of employee travel , and today is increasingly called upon to study the most suitable mobility mechanisms and find the best solutions to update from a “green” perspective the home-work travel plan . The automatic integration of data managed by mobility management software with ESG management software represents a fundamental aspect for companies wishing to adopt a sustainable strategy. Data collection is a complex challenge for the Sustainable Manager, responsible for the sustainability report, as it must include information on the impact of company activities on CO2 emissions and employee mobility.

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It is therefore increasingly common for companies to place

Sustainable Manager alongside the Mobility Cambodia Phone Number List Manager, responsible for managing employee travel. The Mobility Manager must evaluate and choose the best mobility mechanism to reduce polluting emissions and optimize company costs. The legislation requires companies to evaluate virtuous solutions such as light mobility, car sharing and public transport. Modern mobility management applications allow companies to plan and report travel, manage company fleets and administer corporate micromobility. These tools offer the Mobility Manager and employees full visibility on the available means of transport, allowing for greater efficiency and reducing management costs.

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