In the last decade, the companies involved in the socio-healthcare business have multiplied and their turnover has consequently multiplied. It is therefore increasingly necessary to not only structure their core processes. But also those of management control to monitor the progress of their activities. The profits of these companies derive partly from the solvency regime. Therefore from the payment of services by individual users or insurance companies, and partly from the. NHS, with which agreements are activated.

This feature requires particular attention

From the Planning & Control function: on Brazil Telegram Number Data the trend of revenues, because the ceiling of services. Reimbursed by the various local health authorities with which the company has signed an agreement must be monitored on the trend of costs, because they constitute one of the main levers on which to build the company’s profit In response to these new needs, companies, foundations or other types of institutions are taking action on the one hand to update their management and accounting systems, and on the other to equip themselves with Corporate Performance Management.

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Foundation is in this wake, a large and stratified reality present in various

Tools to guarantee a solid and robust Albania Phone Number List database in which to historicize the data, to increase precision and analyze trends and reduce reporting production times to make them more frequent over the course of the year. Why the Holy Family Foundation chose Oracle and Horsa Abic The intervention carried out in the Sacra Famiglia Onlus regions of Italy and which represents one of the largest structures in the sector. A structure that works as an RSA, with day centres, youth assistance centres, rehabilitation, workers and services in the national health service, with a single objective: to ensure the best possible well-being for everyone. The project resolved the main issues that emerged in the initial phase.

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