Two years after the birth of Meta and the first wave of curious. Expectation has waned, it is possible to take stock of the state of development of the metaverse and the enabling. Technologies of this new digital world based on virtuality . So far we have witnessed the classic hype cycle , where the actors of the tech panorama have challenged. Each other in the proclamations, arousing doubts among the most astute observers and at the same time seeing. The birth of a myriad of experts, companies and agencies ready to ride a sudden and global interest, albeit based on confused and evanescent promises.

So what is the fixed residue of the metaverse

After the evaporation of the first bubble ? Where India Phone Number List is the real value deriving. From a shared virtual world located at the moment we find ourselves writing ? Maybe not where we were told to look. Social platforms based on virtual worlds have existed for more than twenty years. While I was writing my degree thesis on virtual environments, Second Life was launched : a phenomenon which enjoyed equal expectations but which, although still used by around a million users, failed to meet expectations, perhaps deluded, demonstrating the inconsistency of some assumptions .

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For example why should we waste time moving

Through the shelves of a virtual supermarket, when Bahamas Phone Number List on Amazon I can access what I want in just a few seconds with a convenient traditional interface? Decentraland , The Sandbox and the myriad of new self-proclaimed metaverse platforms follow the same path already trod by Second Life , without adding anything new. The ephemeral value of being able to shout “I have entered the Metaverse!” it ran out a long time ago. We could open an entire chapter on the topic of NFTs, but that is not the objective we have in this analysis.

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