Microsoft has accustomed us over time to having to be very flexible in adapting to changes in the “nomenclature” and contents of its products, and the 365 ecosystem is no exception. Today – but tomorrow it may no longer be the case – when we talk about Office 365 we are referring to a series of tools. And services aimed at simplifying the way we work and focused on the concept of collaboration. The typical tools of are those we have always been used to such as the Office package (made up of Word, Excel, PowerPoint) or e-mail (Outlook). But also new tools designed to help us collaborate such as Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, Forms.

With the concept of the Microsoft 365 (M365)

Ecosystem, however, we add a much Cambodia Telegram Number Data broader vision to the products and services of O365. Which includes the elements that traditionally make up an IT infrastructure such as: virtual servers, security tools, business intelligence. ERP, CRM, development and flow management tools and much more. Approaching the 365 ecosystem often involves a real paradigm shift for the company. It’s as if from one moment to the next we would switch from horse-drawn carriages to cars! Resistance to change The months following the release of a new version of the

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The indisposition is due to what is normally classified

As resistance to change, the average Algeria Phone Number List user accustomed to using a tool in his daily operations. Suddenly finds himself having to manage a new tool with different functions, and struggles to find a sort of coherence. With the instrument he was used to. It’s a bit like suddenly finding yourself in a dark room that you don’t know and starting to become familiar with spaces and furnishings you’ve never seen before. The root cause of resistance to change is lack of awareness . After a couple of months that the user uses the new operating system, he knows its merits and functions, and has become aware of the new tool.

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