I don’t have an opinion on all things. I’m lazy by nature and I can’t do it. Mostly observe the events from the windows that everyone looks out of and when I return. And close the shutters, it is more the state of confusion than that of thought. I’m not attracted by big changes, I’m interested in small events, small issues, small changes. Weak signals . The big resignation If I have to talk about the phenomenon of large-scale resignations, for example, I don’t really know what to say, what to add to what everyone is already saying: that it’s the fault of the pandemic, that the baby-boomers were better, that young people don’t want to of working.

I don’t have any answers

I just wonder if it isn’t too early to understand Algeria Whatsapp Number List what it means to emerge from a pandemic and find ourselves in the middle of a war, I wonder if interpreting events as they unfold is perhaps not wise and that only in twenty years, perhaps, will we be able to say that what really went through the mind of someone who one day, clearing out his desk, told us: “Bye, I won’t be coming back”. And who knows where those who changed their lives have gone, those who for some ” made it “, who saved themselves with the great resignation .

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I don’t know if they made it but I’m a little sad to think

That it has become a “phenomenon” to Algeria WhatsApp Number List be studied: the freedom to be able to change one’s mind about oneself, to swerve along the road, to continue to plan one’s life . During my days in the company, I hope to continue to meet people looking for something they have never tried, with the desire and curiosity to experiment for the first time in activities they have never done. And I would like them to think of me as someone who knows the game of exploration well, the exhilaration of trying to dive in, without having the obsession of work for life .

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