We often tend to think that the implementation of the project is what really matters. But this is only the tip of the iceberg! The elements that allow the realization of an idea are multiple and require a much greater effort than the “simple.” Realization of a project in the dynamic corporate context. The role of the project manager is becoming more and more widespread. But he often finds himself trying to satisfy unreal expectations, sometimes with responsibilities that go beyond the mere concept of the project.

To better explain this topic let’s try to consider a practical example

The construction of a new factory. The Israel Phone Number List first mistake we tend to make is to manage the initiative as an already. Defined project, therefore appointing a project manager who will take care of its implementation. Until he is responsible for all the aspects connected to it. In reality, there is a preliminary phase, known as business analysis , which aims to evaluate whether the initiative is reasonable. This phase is a combination of gaining insights from data using specific techniques. And performing activities to identify a business’s needs.

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These are just some of the crucial questions to address at this stage

Once these aspects have been defined, we will have Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List the complete picture of our ” Business Case ” to be assigned to a Project Manager, who will implement it following the specifications, respecting the previously established deadlines and costs. Furthermore, the Business Analysis will ensure that, at the end of the project, the expected benefits have actually been achieved. According to the example cited, i.e. the construction of a new factory, after the conclusion of the project, the task of managing the daily operations will be entrusted to the Plant Manager.

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