Quiet Quitting , a word launched last summer on  by an engineer in his early twenties from New York. A certain zaid Khan, is being discussed a lot in many quarters. It is said that it is the true symptom of post-Covid, the sign that people have less desire to engage in work. That they are progressively disinterested in the activities they carry out, that it represents. A sort of silent resignation this definition, “silent resignation.” Strikes me every time I read it, it reminds me of something that is done in secrecy, secretly.

And so I ask myself the question

Do people leave in silence so as not to make Canada Mobile Number Database noise or because no one has seen them before? Being uninterested, walking away in silence, more than a phenomenon to be studied. Seems to me to be a form of abandonment which i cannot say to what extent. It really has to do with taking one’s life back into control, leaving a job to do things. That one considers more in line with their characteristics or, rather, leave a place silently because they were not able to “see” us. Feeling seen is a very important psychological aspect that has to do with being recognized.

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When this aspect is missing

I think we can say that the person experiences Honduras Phone Number List a state of abandonment. And then, in turn, abandons. He does it on tiptoe, slowly disinvesting as one would take off heavy clothes, lazily, in the months. When the good weather slowly arrives. You start by abandoning your gloves and wool hat, then it’s time for the heavy coat and sweater that you forget in the car because it’s hot outside and you no longer need it. Yet, behind doing the bare minimum, at least as this phenomenon is described by various sources, there seems to be a feeling that has to do.

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