There will be plenty of opportunities

Monitor rankings You can expect some fluctuations, but you should be back at a baseline within a month or so of launch (ideally sooner). If you have issues, investigate them now to identify and resolve them. Sometimes, with more significant sites, it can take longer for deeper pages to be recrawled, so be mindful of this. Monitor organic traffic For larger sites, you can never rank-track every possible keyword that drives traffic, so also monitor traffic to key pages to ensure you see improvements. You can compare a simple before and after using Google Search Console that will clearly document any drops so you can take action. Do a technical site audit Ideally, use a technical site audit tool to provide proactive information on any technical issues.

If you have pages that had

Attempt to update these links – research in Google Search Console and the typical link index tools. Once you have a list, contact the website managers to DB to Data update these where possible. You should have a 301 in place, so don’t lose any sleep over this, but updated backlinks can help get the new site indexed and ranking quickly. Be mindful of internal links Be mindful of any changes to the internal link structure. Again, your historic crawl data can be helpful here. thousands of internal links previously but are now barely linked, then this can impact the rankings for that page. Update your XML sitemap Update your XML sitemap and submit it to Google and Bing. We want our 301s, page structure, navigation and XML sitemap to align and indicate the new site structure to help search engines understand the changes quickly.

When the new site is live

This is desirable. If not, you will want a spreadsheet of all. URLs on the old and new sites to implement and. Test your 301 redirects. you will want to crawl the old B2B Reviews list of. URLs (another time that saved crawl comes in handy) to. Ensure everything 301 redirects correctly. Maintain your content Where you have content that performs well. You’ll want to minimize changes (or improve it). There will be plenty of opportunities to tweak your content in its new. Home after it is indexed and ranked, but for now, aim to minimize the variables of change. Optimize for on-page elements Crawling your old site will allow you to easily export all key on-page elements: page titles, meta descriptions, headers, etc. Where the site is well optimized, keep these elements the same. Update your backlinks Document your backlinks and where URL changes are made.

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