We often talk about corporate ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) which is certainly a fundamental. Tool for all companies, but – yes, there is a but which is often “forgotten” – do we also talk enough about ERP security ? Is it taken into consideration by everyone? The answer is not really! But underestimating this aspect can cause big problems for a company. But let’s start from the beginning, what is ERP Security? We can define it as the protection of company data harmonized. With the regulations, policies and certifications that are necessary to manage a business.

Each regulation or procedure has its objectives

And requires precise actions in Belgium Telegram Number Data certain contexts so as not to leave any gaps in safety. Every company has sensitive data such as, for example, personal data or company product formulas (the Nutella formula, for example), costs (purchase price of raw materials and sales prices of the final product). The unique information that each company holds needs to be protected. Thanks to ERP, we therefore have increasingly. Complex programs that allow us to manage company resources and processes both as a whole and in detail; everything, combined with good security. Works like a perfectly oiled mechanism that flows without ever jamming, but which with less precise security would jam instantly.

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So what is security It is the set of all those strategies

policies, roadmaps useful for preventing Vietnam Phone Number List everything that can cause financial and non-pecuniary damage (theft, fraud, information leakage) within a company. From here on we understand how to move. What happens “often” due to lack of security It is therefore important that everyone in the company can make each professional figure do only what they are responsible for and not other activities. Let’s see what can go wrong due to lack of proper security; here are some examples: A poorly segregated department head at the authorization level could view data relating to other departments in addition to his own, causing improper dissemination of data.

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