In such a frenetic and individualistic society like ours, stress. Anxiety and burnout are the order of the day and, given the exponential. Growth of these phenomena, companies are increasingly starting to take care of and worry about the needs of their resources and of well-being . This term refers to the psychological, physical, social, financial and professional. Well-being of people, or 360° well-being. Today, therefore, we are talking about well-being in the company. A theme that characterizes this post-pandemic New Normal period.

Stress anxiety burnout signs of a bad corporate climate

In Will Media’s troppo poco podcast we talk Italy Phone Number List about how these terms are often abused, using them as synonyms. But do we really know the difference between stress, anxiety and burnout? Stress is considered as a reaction of our organism which manifests. Itself in response to continuous stress from the environment around us, when, in reality. Our resources begin to run out and consequently also our adaptation. This leads us to feel unwell . Stress, up to a certain threshold , naturally individual, is considered positive and is called eustress : it is part of life, it is a challenge that allows us to motivate ourselves and move forward. We talk about distress (negative stress) when the level of stress is high and prolonged over time.

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Burnout unlike stress is objective

Limited to the work environment and to improve Chile Phone Number List this condition we act both on the person and on the work context. Anxiety is an emotion and refers to an anticipatory fear linked to uncertainty , for example uncertainty about the future. Now , here are some of the risk factors that undermine well-being in the workplace according to the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work : A weak organizational culture with lack of sharing, poor and ineffective communication, conflicting relationships between colleagues, isolation .

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