How many times have they asked you ” What do you do for a living ?” And how many times did they look at you strangely after your answer? “ Project Manager … so what do you do ?” Well, although the job of managing and coordinating. Activities and projects has always existed, it is only recently that this role has been recognized. As a real job, so much so that certification paths have been introduced . Project Management has existed since ancient times. Just think of great works such as the pyramids, the great. Wall of China and the construction of cities and roads, but it is since the beginning of the 20th century. That the first method of representing the temporal sequence appears, in use still today: the Gantt chart .

The first noteworthy applications were large

Military and space projects, such as the Manhattan Kuwait Phone Number List project and many NASA space experiments, including the Apollo mission. Over the years, the discipline of Project Management developed. And then established itself in various industrial sectors, until the advent of the internet in the 1990s, which accelerated its diffusion and contamination. With issues such as risk management and corporate quality.  Finally, Project Management is recognized for the first time also in the national context. Among the unregulated professions  and subsequently with some international.

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UNI standards dedicated to the discipline

Of project management UNI ISO 21502:2021 (replacing to UNI ISO 21500:2012). But El Salvador Phone Number List who is the Project Manager and what does he do? The Project Manager is a dynamic figure increasingly in demand in the job market, who deals with the management and coordination of activities and projects within an organization and is directly responsible for their progress in terms of: times , costs , scope and quality . It deals with the evaluation, definition, planning and implementation of projects and determines which roles are necessary to achieve the objectives . The Project Manager directs and collaborates closely with the project team and sometimes plays the role of integrator .

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