Amazon announced on Friday that it is closing its independent Prime Now platforms , directing users who want to order fast delivery of groceries and other goods through the Amazon app or website.  Likewise Are Drones the Future of Transportation? Drone delivery services show enough potential that Amazon, Alphabet and other tech giants are hailing it as the future of e-commerce fulfillment. Many major retail and logistics companies around the world are testing drone delivery services and drone delivery systems to solve the “last mile” delivery challenge.

Why is Amazon closing?

Amazon is shutting down its “Sell on Amazon” program Canada WhatsApp Data to settle a price-fixing investigation by Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson, which accused the company of anti-competitive behavior and violations of antitrust laws. Therefore, and the price of an annual Prime membership will increase to $139 per year. For Prime Student members, the monthly membership price increases to $7.49 per month and the annual membership price increases to $69 per year. Will Amazon raise their prices? Amazon is raising the price of its Prime membership by $20 a year , citing “cost increases and inflation.

Whatsapp Data

Do drones deliver pizza?

This innovation means that customers can experience the Colombia Whatsapp Number List advanced technology and convenience of having the freshest and hottest pizza delivered to their door by drone from their local Domino’s store . What is the last mile in the supply chain? What is Last Mile Delivery? The last difference refers to the final step in the supply chain. Therefore, when the product is transported from the business (typically a retail store. Warehouse, or distribution center) to the customer’s business or home . Therefore,  or to a point of collection, such as an e-commerce drop box.

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