The digital transformation of companies is no longer an option . To keep up with the times and to maintain a correct level of competitiveness. Companies of any size and in any sector must undertake a process. That brings connection both inside and outside the organization . A process that is sometimes frightening, but which can be addressed in a modular and scalable way: the first step is therefore to grow collective digital culture. To do this you must first of all know the instruments and their history. In fact, although the media hype about digital transformation. Is something of the present day, in reality to fully understand

In fact, the intuition to centralize the hosting of corporate

applications dates back to that period . Then, with USA Phone Number List the advent and massive diffusion of the internet – we are in the 90s – we started talking about. Application Service Providers (ASPs) , which consisted of third-party applications managed and hosted by a supplier, but which required of software installed on users’ computers. The one just made is a necessary premise to introduce the now widespread. SaaS (Software-as-a-Service, translated software as a service), i.e. a licensing and distribution model that provides software applications on the Internet, via a cloud, and possible thanks to the spread of broadband connectivity .

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In fact, companies do not have to install anything

On their computers, they just have to sign Afghanistan Phone Number List up for a subscription, with obvious practical effects and tangible. Advantages, such as first and foremost the reduction in costs for configuration and infrastructure ( which among other things are fixed and certain). The ability to access services 24 hours a day from any connected device, automatic and frequent updates. SAAS: potential risks and how to avoid them if the spread of and SaaS has brought and will. Continue to bring indisputable advantages – the repercussions are positive across the board, economic, social, environmental – another side of the coin.

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