The term “job fair” has always made me smile. It is a term that is often used in corporate jargon instead of the more well-known. “Recruiting day”, that is, that event usually organized by a university or a professional. Training center which has the task, however very difficult, of bringing together supply and demand , companies and candidates. In a nutshell: I go to the fair, I show off my best goods and you, who have just graduated from a degree course of interest to me or are about .

And so we have to ask ourselves, and we do it habitually

What are the criteria used most frequently UAE Phone Number List to make this choice: the most welcoming smile? The stand full of gadgets? Maybe with something to nibble on and drink offered by the company? The most affable recruiter, capable of capturing the candidate, and convincing them of the quality of the products on display? And how desolate, in the evening, with tired legs, the train station far away, to go home and do the counting. Of the few CVs left on the table or those sent via email; the excessive number of gadgets to rearrange .

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And we eagerly await the next fair as if we want to earn a more livable

More dignified, less disqualifying experiential France Phone Number List condition in response to expensive and tiring work. But what happened inside that missed meeting? What was missing or what, instead, was all too present in the experience, from the other side of the telescope, that CandidatX and companies make of it? I believe that the answer lies in several parts, it is difficult to give absolute sentences here, after all I am not inclined to grand interpretations, as we said, but rather to noticing small details. Let’s start by saying that the context of the meeting is forced, unsaturated, aseptic and incongruous .

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